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Your dream Spanish Holiday

Spain is an eccentric mix of buzzing cities, stunning countryside and phenomenal sun-drenched coastal towns. Being a fractured country of semi-autonomous regions where culture differs greatly from one village to another makes it an interesting destination to explore.

It’s one of the most diverse nations in Europe with endless options to offer to travelers. Talk of rich history, amazing traditions, heavenly gastronomy plus dramatic landscape and you’ll have a glimpse of what to expect from this fascinating country. Spain has grown in popularity especially among siesta-loving, wine-chugging, and food-enthusiastic people.

Spain’s long Atlantic sandy beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightfully prominent across Europe. Did we mention they enjoy over 300 sunny days in a year which makes every day a beach day?

Imagine Spanish Renaissance masterpieces, Moorish buildings contrasting quirky modern art this charming Mediterranean country sitting on the Iberian Peninsula has something to catch your interest from every corner.

That, and of course the warm and cheerful locals are enough reasons why you should add Spain in your Euro-countries itinerary. Spain has something for every type of traveler. For science and tech geeks, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is a futuristic construction representing a bottomless well of attractions posing a true cultural marvel. The stunning design is merely a foretaste of the innards.

The complex hosts a large variety of indigenous plants an outdoor art gallery, a performing art center, Europe’s largest aquarium and many more that will leave you in complete awe.

If you are a rock climber and a thrill-seeker, the tiny village of El Chorro located in the northwest of Malaga has tons of spots where you can measure your adrenaline rush limits. Camino Del Rey is probably the world’s most scary pathway that runs about 100m above the Gaitanes Gorge literally hanging off the sheer vertical rock faces.

Or better still visit Limitezero in Sanlucar Guadiana to experience one of a kind zip-line spanning two countries. It crosses the River Guadiana stretching 720m from Spain to Portugal.

If you want to comfortably get to know the authenticity of Spain then you need to have a safe haven to retire to at the end of the day. Whether you fancy a boutique hotel in Seville, a charming bed and breakfast in Costa Del la Luz or a luxurious hotel in Madrid there is something for all preferences and budget.

Hotel Barcelona Princess is an example of luxury and a perfect place to pamper yourself with astounding views and Spain’s culinary delights. The rooms are spacious enough and well-appointed to accommodate even the bulkiest luggage you tag along.

Eurostars Catedral is a chic and charming hotel located right in the heart of Granada center which makes it a convenient choice to sight the city. If you want to break from quaint boutique hotels this would be an oasis of efficiency. The best part, the hotel is situated just across the street from the Cathedral plus other attractions within Granada are easily reachable.

Whichever hotel that suits your preference you can either make direct bookings through the hotel’s website or, head to for the best bargains, in which case, if you ask me, would be your best bet to ensure you go through a smooth and less complicated process plus you’ll get all the relevant information about the hotel to avoid unpleasant surprises.


The Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia

Plaza España

Sunsert over Barcelona's Plaza España


Cantabria, Spain’s north coast.